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I'm Vicky, welcome to my world of photography.

I'm super glad you found me hiding here :) 

So I'll tell you a little about me. The first and probably the most important thing you should know is I'm the biggest dog person, if you have a dog can I squish them please? If you don't like dogs that's not a problem, nobody's perfect but you should probably see someone about that before it gets serious ðŸ˜‰  

There are a few photos of my dalmatians scattered throughout the site, ↘ that one's my old girl, Chance, she's 16 in May.

I was going to list some things I like but I either love something or....meh, so here are some things I love:

My dogs and cats

My love - Osian → (12 years in June he's been suffering my hanger issues and he still makes me cake late at night)

All Animals (especially dogs and especially naughty old ones)

Food - Vegan food, Pizza Hut make vegan pizza so things are looking better everyday

Cake (deserves it's own line)

Movies - magical, epic and slightly quirky is best

Books - To kill a Mockingbird gave names to two of my dogs, Boo and Scout ðŸ’“

Music - Pretty random, Deezer always thinks they can guess what I like but they don't know what floats this boat ðŸ˜ƒ



Fairy lights

New girl (Zooey💓) 

Chunky scarves, even in the summer

Red and blue



Having the heating on with the windows open, it's both warm and fresh

Polar Bears

Canada, never been but I'm going to live there one day

Driving my car with the roof down even if it's freezing

Those beautiful blessings from Costa called vanilla coconut lattes, I'll take one for now and one to go

Red cars

Small rowing boats, I'll have one on my little lake in Canada. 

Regina Spektor (rowboats ^ ) 

Kind people - If that's you then you can sit with me and say hi to my dogs :)

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