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Frequently Asked Questions 

We don't live near you, does it matter?

Not one bit! I'm here in North Wales but I'm available to travel, even to other countries (the dream). The only difference is we might not be able to meet before, but I'm as awkward on Skype as in real life so we can meet like that. Lucky you! ;)

Have you photographed at our venue before?

Probably not as there are so many different venues. It honestly doesn't make much difference to me as every wedding is different and my approach will be pretty much the same if I've been there before or not, but I can usually go and a have a location scout before the day if it makes you feel better.

What if we don't want an engagement shoot?

That's ok. It's complimentary with my wedding photography so it's a take it or leave it kinda thang, whatever makes you more comfortable. It is a wonderful way to feel more relaxed with me and my ol' camera before the big day so I do love them.

Do you shoot same sex weddings?

Yep. Makes no difference, love is love! :D 

Is it ok if our pet(s) is there.

.....Do you really need to ask? Yes, yes, yes!

Do we pay a deposit and how do we secure you for our date?

There's a £200 deposit to be paid and you'll need to sign a contract with me and then I'm all yours. The final fee is due two weeks before the wedding.

How long do we have to wait for the final photos?

I try to have a little taster photo for you in the first 48 hours after your wedding and then, depending how busy I am, I aim for 2-3 weeks to deliver the full set.

Can we meet before booking you?

I always meet my future wedding clients first to make sure we don't completely hate each other, just kidding-but you like dogs right? We will definitely meet before, even if it's through Skype.

Do you have insurance?

You betcha!

What if you get sick or something happens and you can't make it to our wedding?

I've got your back. Basically unless I'm in a coma or contagious I will be there, but if I can't then the photography world is full of wonderful fellow wedding photographers ready to help out if anything happens. I'm in networking groups for emergency wedding photographers so you will have a photographer on your day no matter what. 

Can we print our photos?

Please do. You can even make toilet paper out of it if that's what floats your boat, I'm not here to judge.

Can we share our photos on social media?

Of course, just be aware that copyright remains with me and you can't edit them in any way or sell them. If you want to credit me that would be superb but it's not something you have to do.

What happens if your camera breaks?

Well I'll just use my other one. I'm like a ninja, always ready. But I'm also insured so my equipment is covered too, I was pretty happy about that when I drove off with my camera still on my car roof,  I'm a cotton-headed ninny muggins.

Is photography your only job?

It sure is.

How long have you been photographing weddings?

Since September 2015 but it feels like I've been doing it forever.

What if we get rain?

You'll probably get wet. I shot a wedding in the rain (here-Jenny and Joe)and it was completely exhilarating. Sometimes you just have to go with the weather-but if that's not your thing then we can always use umbrellas (here's a link to the kind of thing that would work well), wait for a dry spell or take the photos inside your venue.

Do we need to feed you?

I love me some food but you certainly do not have to feed me. I'm happy to pack myself a little something or maybe I can get something yummy at the venue. If you do wish to feed me that would be so wonderful, anything vegan without olives please :) 

Can you fix that in photoshop?

You're beautiful the way you are!

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